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Cage-Free Dog Daycare Services

  • Dog Daycare hours 7am - 7pm M-F, Sat & Sun 8am-6pm
  • Drop off time is 7am - 8:55am (the first and longest walk starts at 9am sharp)
  • Pick up time is 3pm - 7pm (early pick up is possible - please call ahead)
  • Daycare includes supervised play in a park-like setting of 23 fenced acres
  • A climate controlled building for play or to escape bad weather
  • Six miles of walks daily
  • Cage free and leash free environment
  • Daily Milk Bone snack
  • Staff trained in pet CPR and First Aid
  • Staff of true dog lovers - we have several of our own and understand how to take care of dogs and activities dogs enjoy.
  • We welcome special needs and elderly dogs and will gladly administer your dog’s medications at no extra charge

Daycare Passes

Check*: First Dog

20 Day Pass - $400 ($20/Day)

10 Day Pass - $233 ($23.30/Day)

5 Day Pass - $128 ($25.60/Day)

1 Day Pass - $30

Check*: Second Dog

20 Day Pass - $245 ($12.25/Day)

10 Day Pass - $145 ($14/Day)

5 Day Pass - $78 ($15.60/Day)

1 Day Pass - $20

Cash: First Dog

20 Day Pass - $360 ($18/Day)

10 Day Pass - $210 ($21/Day)

5 Day Pass - $115 ($23/Day)

1 Day Pass - $26

Cash: Second Dog

20 Day Pass - $220 ($11/Day)

10 Day Pass - $130 ($13/Day)

5 Day Pass - $70 ($14/Day)

1 Day Pass - $17

*A check is not the same as cash. We do not accept credit cards. Prices are subject to change.

All dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed or neutered.

Daycare dogs are required to be here by 8:55am as the first walk is at 9am sharp.

Before we accept any dog into daycare, Lucky Dog Daycare Ranch requires a site visit by the owner and the dog.  The site visit is followed by a free day of daycare on a separate day to conduct a Temperament Assessment and to observe the behavior of the dog without the owner present.

Because Lucky Dog Daycare Ranch is a cage-free facility, we only accept new daycare dogs that need two or more daycare days per week.  This frequency allows your dog to get to know us, the other dogs, and the routine.  As a result, stress is reduced, and socialization, interaction, and fun are increased.

We need your signed contract and a copy of your dog’s shot records before we can keep your dog for daycare or boarding.

Please read and complete the Owner's Information and the Dog's Information of the Pre-Entry Dog Check and Release Form prior to your first visit.
+ Download Pre-Entry Dog Check and Release Form here +

Due to insurance restrictions, we cannot accept Pit Bulls, Pit Bull mixes, Rottweilers, or any of the other “bully breeds”.  Also, we will not accept any dog that displays aggression toward other dogs or humans.